Kings Shilling Antiques was founded in 2004, based at the famous NRA camp at Bisley by John Hutchins after 22 years serving in weapons research branches of the MOD. We specialise in Sec58(2) British military firearms and bayonets upto the turn of the 20th century, alongside Victorian sporting and target rifles as well as keeping a selection of their European and American contemporaries and pistols from flintlocks to early cartridge arms such as .320” revolvers and .44” Russians. As registered firearms dealers we can also source and supply section 1 rifles and shot guns specialising in .303” British military weapons of both world wars and those of the late Victorian age. If you require a particular item which is not listed on our web site please contact us as we can often procure even obscure items from our wide range of contacts both in the UK and in Europe and the States.

We are also able to supply firearms both genuine antiques and modern repro weapons for film and theatre use and John has appeared in several TV and DVD productions including the Tommy Atkins Media small arms collection DVD’s, and more recently with Steve Brooker and Johnny Vaughan in the History channel series Mud Men.






Kings Shilling Antiques,
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Bisley Camp, 
Surrey         GU24 0NZ

Telephone 07710 427138